pumpkin. everything.

It’s autumn guys. Do you know what this means? It means PUMPKIN.

This weekend I took a trip up to the lovely little town of North Conway, NH. Of course it was grey and raining and cold and I had wet toes and frizzy hair and there was not a hint of crisp autumn air for miles. But I still could not get pumpkin things out of my head. I had a can waiting for me at home and I was going to bake the crap out of that baby!

Despite the rain, it was a successful weekend away from the generally boring tasks that are my weekends at home. Especially rewarding was the trip to Zeb’s General Store where I picked up these little guys: Smores on a StixS’mores on a Stix from RHD Candy, based in Lancaster, NH; and Annie B’s Caramels, in Pumpkin and Amaretto.

Annie B's Carame;s Seriously. So, so good. They’ve just further fueled by obsession with all things autumn.

After reluctantly returning to the small state, I began to channel my inner Jessica and listen exclusively to James Taylor (at obnoxious volumes regardless of situation). This includes all day at work (lucky coworkers!), in my car (which also means at stoplights with my windows down while receiving annoyed looks from people in the next lane) and while I was at home, attempting to create things in the kitchen. Truthfully, it took me about three attempts to produce something even remotely edible this week. But! It was certainly worth the wait until I stumbled upon possibly the easiest, most amazing pumpkin recipe I have ever found.

2 ingredient Pumpkin Gnocchi from Jessica at How Sweet It Is. My attempt didn’t produce perfect puffins like hers, but the end result? Ahhhhmazing. I mixed mine up with a teenytiny bit of butter and some shredded parmesan. Perfect. Pumpkin GnocchiSeriously if you need a savory pumpkin fix, or a quick dinner, or both – check this recipe out.

Another killer pumpkin recipe? Pumpkin Bread from Michelle, the Brown Eyed Baker.

Seriously. Pumpkins and nutmeg and pecans… oh my! Of course, impatient as always, I couldn’t wait for it to cool completely before I flipped it out of its pan and dug in. Messy, maybe, but wonderful all the same.

Pumpkin Bread from Brown Eyed Baker

And, yes. I did top my pumpkin bread with white chocolate chips. Carbs upon carbs. Just the way I like them.

I think it’s safe to say I have stuffed my face with a satisfactory amount of autumn carbs today. This week is going to be a glorious feast of pumpkin leftovers.

Pumpkin Gnocchi

In other news, I am currently having an indepth conversation with my father about music. I swear, my obsession with music was inherited through my parents, specifically from my dad. Is that possible? Is that a thing? Maybe its nurture, not nature. Maybe I’m currently bumming over being born in the wrong era simply because I grew up watching my parents dance in the living room (and kitchen and car and backyard and everywhere they could possibly pump music into) to Van Morrison and Eric Clapton and James Taylor and Billy Joel and Creedence Clearwater Revival and so so so many other amazing artists that were big before I was even born.

I wonder if my kids will one day say the same thing about my music. In 25 years, will young people appreciate Brett Dennen  or Passion Pit or Ben Folds?

Here’s to hoping!



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