Hi! I’m Emily!


I am a pretty simple girl.

I tend to gravitate toward the smaller pleasures in life. Like the milky gold sunlight right before sunset on a summer evening. Or the perfect warmth of socks straight from the dryer. Or the strength of a hug when you’re feeling a bit down. The little things.

I have an obsession with music. Specifically with blasting it and singing it despite having possibly the worst singing voice for miles.

I love to bake (when i should be cleaning my shower or managing stress in a healthy way) and one of these days I will start trying to cook… help us all. (Anything that doesn’t involve sugar and butter creamed together is generally hazardous)

I’ve been known to bust out a southern accent from time to time, despite my lifelong existence in New England.

I always roll my longsleeves up so they don’t actually reach my wrists.

I hate celery.

I love the beach at night.

I am okay today.


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